Castle Rock Ranch Camp



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We have a rotating menu, based on what is in season week to week in the summer.  We love to eat what is growing in our gardens!  Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite summer meals:



-Overnight yeasted waffles with strawberries, blueberry-raspberry jam and honey

-Steel cut oats with blueberries, goat’s milk, almond butter and honey

-Raspberry coffee cake muffins

-Castle Rock Egg McMuffins: English muffins with cheesy scrambled ranch eggs and ranch bacon

-Biscuits and ranch-sausage gravy

-Berry scones

-Blueberry pancakes

-Castle Rock veggie frittata with greens and broccoli from the garden, plus homemade goat feta cheese


Salad with edible flowers

-Leek and Yukon gold potato soup; mixed green salad with edible flowers and raspberry vinaigrette

-Steak stir-fry with broccoli, peas, kohlrabi, kale, cauliflower, cabbage with brown rice

-Veggie Fritters (pancakes made from carrots, zucchinis and green onions) with herbs and fresh goat cheese

-Baked Potato Bar: Hasselback baked potatoes with all the fixings – cheese sauce, bacon, broccoli, butter, goat cheese, green onions, herbs

-BLTs with homemade mayo, ranch bacon, crunchy garden lettuce and garden tomatoes

-Chili with zucchini corn bread

-Cauliflower pasta ‘alfredo’: pasta with creamy cauliflower sauce




Pulled pork tacos with kale, cabbage, kohlrabi and carrot slaw

-Cookout: Hamburgers and Veggie burgers cooked over the fire with ranch-made pickles, homemade mayo + kale chips

-Pizza night: build your own pizza with ranch toppings – Castle Rock sausage, goat cheese, zucchinis, leeks, eggs, calendula flowers, carrot sauce, garlic sauce, pesto (the more creative the ingredients the better)!

-Lasagne with goat cheese and kale

-Spatchcocked, crispy roast turkey with roasted root vegetables

-Chicken pot pie with carrots and peas, mixed green salad with berry vinaigrette

-BBQ Chicken wings or bbq ribs and red, white and blue potato salad



Desserts and Snacks

-Berry fruit leather

-Raspberry sorbet

-Goat-cheese cheesecake

-chocolate zucchini cake

-Goat milk raspberry chocolate chip ice cream

-kuchen (berry tart with fresh and cooked berries)

-strawberry buttermilk cake

-s’mores with homemade marshmallows

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