Castle Rock Ranch Camp


Travel & Transportation


The closest airport to Castle Rock Ranch is in Spokane, WA (airport code: GEG).  The airport is an hour and a half drive from the ranch.  Spokane Airport is a convenient, direct flight from most west coast cities on many major airlines.

We obtain an escort pass to meet campers flying to Spokane at the gate, when they step off the plane.  Campers will be met at the gate by Albert Walsh or Jordan Shay.

One of these friendly people will meet you at the airport: Jordan and Albert (seen here with Hashbrown and Blaze)


We are located a 30 minute drive North from Interstate 90, 1 and a half hours from Spokane and 45 minutes from Coeur D’alene.

Google maps and GPS can be misleading, and there is no cell phone coverage once you leave the Interstate.  If you plan on driving to the ranch, please call us for directions, and let us know what time you plan to leave, so we know about what time to expect you.

From interstate 90:

1)Take exit 43 for Kingston, Idaho and head north (upriver) on Coeur D’alene River Rd. for 5.3 miles
**** the Texaco gas station  just off the highway on the right (Chat’s CDA River mart) will be your last chance for gas and also signals you know what direction ‘north’ is
**** you will pass through the small town (3 buildings small) of Enaville – watch your speed as it is strictly enforced

2) turn left over Bumblebee bridge (look for the sign that says Bumblee and Old River Rd)
**** cell coverage ends here (IF you have Verizon, everyone else lost service long ago)

3) take an IMMEDIATE right after you come over the bridge onto Old River Rd
**** in the summer there is usually a dumpster at the intersection
**** this is where people frequently get lost, they forget to take the right when they get off the bridge and spend the next two hours taking a very scenic, but very wrong way, drive. If you find yourself driving on a dirt rd., you missed the turn!

4) continue North on Old River Rd for 8 miles to our ranch

Our address is 12718 Old River Rd and we are just past mile marker 12. When you start to see a white vinyl fence and a large pasture, that is our property. Please continue to the third driveway, which leads to our barn.
*** if the Rd turns to dirt, you went too far

WELCOME! You made it… not everyone does 😉