Castle Rock Ranch Camp





2016 Staff: Brianna Murphy, Charlotte White, Rachel Guillory, Ana Maria De La Cueva 

Our staff is comprised of dedicated people who pride themselves on their ability to interact and relate to youth and be positive role models, in addition to their love of the outdoors, home-grown food, and animals.

Our counselors’ combination of responsibility and enthusiasm allows campers the opportunity to thrive in a thrilling but safe environment.

Jordan Shay


Jordan is passionate about enriching young lives through interaction with animals and sustainable farming practices.  Jordan has over two decades of horse experience, some of which included training young thoroughbreds for the race course in both England and Kentucky. She spent 5 years at the Walking G Ranch Summer Camp in Northern California as a camp counselor after going there as a camper for many years.  She worked on organic farms in New Zealand and her undergraduate education included classes in Agroecolgy at the UC Santa Cruz farm.  She is currently an urban farmer, bee keeper and Cheesemonger in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She always puts eggs on pizzas.

Albert Walsh




Albert first met Jordan at the Walking G Ranch Summer Camp as campers during the summer when they were 13 and 12.   He was so smitten that as an adult, he decided to track her down years later and work as a counselor with her at the Walking G Ranch.  Now that they are married, have a daughter and run their own girls summer camp, he loves spending the summers fishing, hiking and hanging out with fun, like-minded people in a stunning natural environment.  In addition to being Jordan’s personal assistant, builder, and accomplish-er of menial tasks, Albert is also very adept at putting sunscreen on pigs, and wrangling runaway chickens (they are free range!).  He is also our resident goose-herder. During the off-season, Albert renovates historic houses in New Orleans.

Eliza Shay Walsh




She’s not just the boss of everyone, she’s the dictator – at least a benevolent one. She supervises all meetings and activities and lets us know when she is skeptical of certain decisions.



Erica Rodriguez



Erica studies Math at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA, but she’s originally from Houston.  As senior camp counselor, she makes sure every camper feels welcome and included.  She also wrangles the horses, and takes care of the cows. Erica is our organized mother hen – she keeps us all in line!

Madeleine Eglin



Maddy came all the way from England to be our riding instructor.  She keeps everyone safe on horseback while making sure to have fun too.  She has also educated us on proper tea consumption (frequently).


Genesis Dorsey


Genesis has been coming to us as a camper since she was 11 and we haven’t been able to get rid of her – not that we’d want to!  She’s an aspiring farmer from Seattle who has become an expert goat-milker, trainer of headstrong horses, and river navigator.


Retired Staff:

Caroline Goliwas


Caroline is our camp cook who came to us (with her trusty, four-legged sidekick Jackson) from New Orleans.  Her smiling face keeps everyone in good spirits.  She’s worked in restaurants all over New Orleans and we’re lucky to have her cooking for us in Idaho. Her blueberry scones, steak stir-fry with garden veggies, and kale lasagne (and so much more!!) keeps everyone happy and well-fed.

Kat Powelson

Kat Powelson

Kat’s infectious enthusiasm gets everyone involved and excited about everything!  A graduate of the University of California at Davis with a degree in Wildlife Fish and Conservation Biology, Kat was also a camper, and later a counselor at the Walking G Ranch Camp.  She is an expert trailblazer, donkey rider and goat wrangler and milker.

Sammy Burmeister


Sammy graduated from Idaho State University but grew up just a few miles from the ranch and when she came by to welcome us to the neighborhood we liked her so much we never let her leave.  We have benefited from her knowledge of the locations of the best swimming spots and huckleberry patches.  She is an incredibly kind and patient soul and she bakes a mean loaf of bread!!!

Sebastian Schell

IMG 8223 Large

‘Seabass’ is our charismatic and hilarious camp counselor, chicken wrangler and goat herder, and Blaze the horse handler.   He’s originally from Berkeley, CA and interned after high school at Chez Panisse restaurant, so we’re lucky to have his expertise in the kitchen and garden.  He graduated from Middlebury College where he studied how to solve world hunger by farming crickets (and Geology).

Maggie and Slugger


These two are mole hunting machines! Maggie the red heeler keeps the chickens and goats in line and helps during haying season to clean up the fields of mice and moles.  Slugger the cat mostly keeps busy guarding the barn and bunkhouse and blueberry areas from mice but is also very serious about napping.



Nine might look like an ordinary barn cat but do not be fooled! He is secretly running the show! In his spare time he enjoys ridding the barn of mice, relaxing under the blueberry bushes, and getting his head scratched.