About Us

Albert and Jordan met at a summer camp on a ranch in northern California in the 90s and decided that farming and hanging out at camp was the only way they ever wanted to spend their summers.

Castle Rock Ranch Camp counselors come from all over the world or from close to home, but they all share an enthusiasm for ranch life and a desire to share that enthusiasm with kids. We hire people who share our interests and who are strong role models for girls.

Our Staff

Jordan Shay

Camp Director/Eliza and Augustus's Manager

Jordan is passionate about enriching young lives through interaction with animals and sustainable farming practices.  Jordan has over two decades of horse experience, some of which included training young thoroughbreds for the race course in both England and Kentucky. She spent 5 years working at the Walking G Ranch Summer Camp in Northern California as a camp counselor after going there as a camper for many years.  She worked on organic farms in New Zealand and her undergraduate education included classes in Agroecolgy at the UC Santa Cruz farm.  In the off-camp season, she is an urban farmer, bee keeper and baby wrangler in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Albert Walsh

Co-Director and Cow Leader

Albert first met Jordan at the Walking G Ranch Summer Camp as campers during the summer when they were 13 and 12.   He was so smitten that as an adult, he decided to track her down years later and work as a counselor with her at the Walking G Ranch.  Now that they are married, have a daughter, a son and run their own girls summer camp, he loves spending the summers moving cows, supervising the grass growth, and managing the cows’ and horses’ intake of it, and hanging out with fun, like-minded people in a stunning natural environment.  In addition to being Jordan’s personal assistant, builder, and accomplish-er of menial tasks, Albert is also very adept at putting sunscreen on pigs, and wrangling runaway chickens (they are free range!).  He is also our resident goose-herder. During the off-season, Albert renovates historic houses in New Orleans.


Boss Lady

Eliza is pretty certain that all the campers, counselors and visitors are here to entertain her. She loves riding goats and picking peas and eating all the berries.



Don’t be fooled by this charming staff member – he’s up to no good! He loves strawberries, hanging out in the garden while being shaded by the corn, and trying to eat grass (or anything else really) when no one is looking.

Rachel Guillory


Rachel is a champion multi-tasker: baby-wrangler, cow-milker, biscuit-maker and breakfast queen extraordinaire.  She also organizes awesome campfire games.  She’s pretty much a super human!  During the non-camp season, she goes to school at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina.

Charlotte White

Riding Instructor/Camp Counselor

Charlotte is our head riding counselor, horse wrangler, and chief organizer.  She leads a wicked awesome scavenger hunt and is the fire queen of the ranch, making all the campfires and is responsible for many delicious meals cooked on fire like burgers and pizza.  Because she is from England, everyone at camp tries to say Bur-gah on cookout nights.

Briana McCarthy

Camp Mermaid

Briana is the Castle Rock Ranch Camp river captain.  She would spend all day on or in the river if she could!  She loves kids, is the life of the barn-dance and all the impromptu sing alongs and dance parties. She is really good at putting up teepees and makes an awesome kale pesto pasta. During the off season, she’s losing her tan while at school in Galway, Ireland.